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Individual Coaching

As a certified systemic coach, I support you to discover your own, most fitting answers — those that align well with both your personal goals and your surroundings.


Typical topics for a coaching with me are:

  • Changes in your working environment, new career steps, such as transitioning from academia into the private sector or taking a new position as PostDoc or group leader

  • Structuring your working life, time management, for instance finishing your PhD thesis or structuring your numerous ideas and tasks

  • Finding your own balance between the different aspect in your life

  • Taking difficult decisions

  • Solving conflicts constructively

Working together

We meet each other online via Zoom or in person in 1090 Vienna. Discussing the right questions — ones that spark new insights — is key to our approach. If needed, we'll visually organize your ideas or introduce targeted activities to engage your intuition.


I'll help you outline the first steps toward a solution and support you in actually taking those steps.

My approach

My working style is very practice-oriented, focusing on my clients and their needs. I truly enjoy helping people grow and assisting them in finding a successful and happy career path.

What is important for me in coaching: working as a systemic coach brings a toolbox a different, tried and tested methods, but even more important is the attitude towards my clients: an open, positive
mindset and the knowledge that they already have everything in them to find the best solution to
their concern. Coaching supports clients through structured conversations and targeted interventions
to find their own answers – those that are exactly right for them and their environment.


What coaching is not for me: a substitute for psychotherapy or psychological counselling in case of mental illnesses. Also, I think that coaching should not be an excuse to interpret social grievances in our society (poor working conditions, pressure to perform etc.) as purely individual problems and not to advocate for their improvement.

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