Before we start working together, we get to know each other in an initial consultation on the phone (about 20 min and free of charge), where we clarify your concern and the further proceedings. To support you in your personal process of finding a solution or taking a decision, I am working with a toolbox of different, well-tried methods. We meet online via Skype, Zoom or MS Teams. When suited, we also use online tools for visualisation, for instance Miro.

Your data and all contents of our conversations are treated confidentially.

Important for me in coaching is an open, positive mind-set and the knowledge that people already have everything in them to find the best solution for their concerns. Coaching supports clients through structured conversations and targeted interventions to find their own answers – those that are exactly right for them and their environment.

What coaching is not for me: a substitute for psychotherapy or psychological counselling in case of mental illnesses. Also, I think that coaching should not be an excuse to interpret social grievances in our society (poor working conditions, pressure to perform etc.) as purely individual problems and not to advocate for their improvement.